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Create A Warm and Serene Portrait

Combining various source pictures to be manipulated into a single image is one of interesting things to do in photoshop. In this photoshop tutorial, we will learn how to do that. What we are going to create is a warm and serene portrait of panorama.

There are not any special techniques involved, so this will be very easy to follow even for the fresh new photoshop users. In the process of creating this photo manipulation, we will just use basic essential techniques on how to compose a portrait like free transform, layer mask, clipping mask, extract any image from the background using color range or pen tool, and some color adjustments.

No special high class techniques required and I will be fussy like my grumpy mom to tell you this and that (LOL) so this tutorial be clear like the eyes of a child hehehe…. Let’s get started…

Here are the source pictures needed :
1. Source 1
2. Source 2
3. Source 3
4. Source 4
5. Source 5
6. Source 6
7. Source 7
8. Source 8
9. Source 9
10. Source 10
11. Source 11

End result:
Create A Warm and Serene Portrait Final Image

Step 1

First of all, create a white document (Ctrl+Shift+N) of 1400 pxl wide and 1626 pxl high. Continue reading